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Research Program

The importance of optical materials in information technologies is rapidly growing, photonics as supplement and extension of electronics plays a steadily increasing role. Nonlinearities in the properties of optical materials are often of significant relevance for technological applications, but these nonlinearities also form an extremely interesting field in basic research in physics. Optical methods are versatile and powerful, nevertheless, they often can be realized in relatively simple ways. On the one hand, high light intensities can be easily obtained with the help of modern lasers, on the other hand, nonlinear effects frequently appear in crystals at moderate intensities. There exists a great number of nonlinear optical materials which is still growing continuously.

In the previous period three tightly connected areas have been successfully investigated: Photorefractive Nonlinearities, Frequency Conversion and Nonlinearities with Wave Guiding. According to the objectives of the DFG, also for the period coming a thematically coherent research concept with excellent current projects is sheduled. Two areas of research are planned, Nonlinearities in Bulk Materials and Nonlinearities in Nano- and Mesoscopic Systems. For an overview please refer to our poster presentation.

There are already extensive investigations in these fields in Osnabrück which form the basis for the scheduled projects. Accompanying seminars and lectures are conceived to allow for an efficient introduction into these areas.

SBN crystals

Non-collinear SHG

Luminescent Nanocrystals