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Final Report of the Graduate College 2001 - 2009

Report of the Graduate College 2001 - 2004

The members of the graduate college have prepared a comprehensive report for the period 2001 - 2004. The three parts of this report are available as PDF:

Report of the Graduate College 2001 - 2004, Part 1

Report of the Graduate College 2001 - 2004, Part 2

Report of the Graduate College 2001 - 2004, Part 3

Posters of the Report Seminar

Lecture Notes

The following lectures notes on 'Nonlinearities of Optical Materials' are conceived for the student members of the Graduate College. They are available as PDF files, just click on the title.

Part 1 (WS 01/02)
P. Hertel: Linear response theory

Part 2 (SS 02)
E. Krätzig, K. Ringhofer: The photorefractive nonlinearity

Part 2 (SS 04)
E. Shamonina, E. Krätzig, M. Fally: The photorefractive nonlinearity (new)

Part 3 (WS 02/03, WS 04/05)
H.-J. Schmidt: Nonlinear wave equations

Part 4 (SS 03, SS 05)
M. Wöhlecke, K. Betzler, M. Imlau: Nonlinear Optics
(print version)


Several dissertations of college members are electronically published and thus available in electronic form (PDF).

Jürgen Plenge (12/2002): Primäre Photoprozesse atmosphärischer Spurengase.

Michael Ulex (06/2004): Züchtung und Charakterisierung von SrxBa1-xNb2O6-Kristallen im Bereich von 0,32 < x < 0,82.

Mikhail Lapine (07/2004): Microwave interaction in nonlinear metamaterials.

Arthur R. Tunyagi (09/2004): Non-Collinear Second Harmonic Generation in Strontium-Barium-Niobate.

Oleg Filippov (09/2004): Vectorial beam coupling in fast photorefractive crystals with AC-enhanced response.

Elena Svetogorova (09/2004): Integral equation approach to reflection and transmission of a plane TE-wave at a (linear/nonlinear) dielectric film with spatially varying permittivity.

Andreas Geisler (09/2004): On the theory of planar and cylindrical dielectric waveguides with photorefractive nonlinearity.

Pavlo Shchelokovskyy (12/2004): Solitary Objects on Quantum Spin Rings.

Calin A. David (12/2004): Optical and Dielectric Properties of SrxBa1-xNb2O6.

Airat Gubaev (12/2005): Light-induced absorption changes in ferroelectric crystals:SrxBa1-xNb2O6:Ce; KTaO3; KTa1-xNbxO3.

Hongting Shi (02/2007): Defect structure and optical properties of alkaline-earth fluorides.

Oleksiy Sydoruk (05/2007): Tailoring the properties of metamaterials for linear and nonlinear applications.

Aliaksei Krasnaberski (01/2008): Nonlinear optical properties of modified Bacteriorhodopsins.

Christian Motzer (10/2008): Charakterisierung von Ätzgruben auf CaF2 (111) mittels Rasterkraftmikroskopie.

Janis Sils (04/2009): Defektenspektroskopie im hochreinen und dotierten CaF2 für optische Anwendungen im DUV.

Michael Räkers (06/2009): An x-ray spectroscopic study of novel materials for electronic applications.

Mehmet Kadiroglu (12/2009): Transport und Relaxation in Quantenmodellen.

Vasile Rednic (01/2010): Investigation of electronic and magnetic structure of advanced magnetic materials.

Christian Bartsch (03/2010): General Projective Approach to Transport Coefficients of Condensed Matter Systems and Application to an Atomic Wire.

Ina Rianasari (03/2010): Inkjet Stucturing on Electrode Surfaces.

Sebastian Gevers (02/2011): Praseodymia on non-passivated and passivated Si(111) surfaces.

Homero Cantera Lopez (11/2011): Structural and electronic study of Silicon doped structures: Aggregates, Wires, and Bulk Systems.

Timo Kuschel (12/2011): Magnetic anisotropy of transition metal based thin films investigated by magnetooptic Kerr effect.

Daniel Bruns (11/2012): Structure and morphology of ultrathin iron and iron oxide films on Ag(001).